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Bathroom Lighting

Bathroom lighting is an important aspect of the bathroom refurbishment that's often overlooked. The bathroom is probably the most important room in your house. Brighter lighting makes a difference. A flush-mounted low-energy bathroom ceiling light might be sufficient for smaller bathrooms. 

However, larger bathrooms may require a chandelier and recessed downlights. For shaving and applying makeup, a bright light in the bathroom is important.

All bathroom light fixtures are IP44 rated for safe use in Zones 1 and 2. Bespoke Lights online shop has a large selection of bathroom lighting options for period bathrooms. You can choose from a variety of finishes, including bronze, gold nickel and pewter. Bathroom lighting should be both decorative and functional. It must also be safe to use in a bathroom.

There are many styles of bathroom ceiling and wall lights to suit every style of bathroom. It can be hard to find traditional bathroom lighting.

Bathroom Lighting Ideas

Bathroom ideas can be modern, traditional, or something in-between. Fittings are integrated into the fabric of the space, providing both general lighting to assist with shaving and ambient light for mood.

Like any other design issue, it is important to first analyze the space and its characteristics, as well as how it will be used. The majority of bathrooms are easily divided into three zones, the vanity, the tub, and the shower.

The vanity is the most common location for task lighting. This area needs bright lighting. However, spots of LEDS or spot lights can be installed in vertical rows along the sides of mirrors to provide a flattering and more natural light.

Mirror cabinets with integrated lighting are a great solution for small spaces.

The bathroom lighting has a huge impact on your life and you should plan ahead to make sure that all fixtures are properly lit. Ambient lighting should be provided in all areas of the bathroom, including the vanity and shower.

Smart lighting controls are now capable of preprogramming settings. Wireless lighting controls are available that can be installed without the need for cables. They can also monitor audio and security, as well as thermostats.

Bathroom lighting Zones

You must take great care when selecting lighting for your bathroom. There are specific regulations about the types of light you can use.

Bathroom lighting should be brightened and visible. Bathroom mirrors, both illuminated or non-illuminated, can create the illusion that space is larger than it actually is.

To ensure that the bathroom lighting you desire can be placed in the right place, it's important to consider the following Bathroom Zones.

Zone 0 can be found inside the shower or bath. This zone requires that any fittings used must have a low voltage (maximum 12v) rating and at minimum IP67, which means they are completely immersion-proof.

Zone 1 refers to the space above the shower or bath, at a height of 22.5m from the ground. This zone requires a minimum IP45 rating, but generally it's accepted that IP65 should be used. Not to be overlooked, shower lights can all be rated IP65.

Zone 2 covers an area of 0.6m beyond the bath's perimeter and up to 2.25m above the ground. An IP rating of IP44 or higher is necessary for this area. It is also a good idea to include the 60-meter radius around any tap in this zone.

The outside zone is anywhere that's not within zones 0,1 or 2, subject to certain limits, and in which no water jet will be likely to ever be used. Although there are not any special IP requirements for this area, we recommend that you choose a light with at least IP20+.

A fitting must have a minimum IP65 rating if water jets are likely to be used in cleaning purposes. The latest IEE wiring regulations contain all details.

Bathroom Floor Lighting

One watt, low-level LEDs are the ideal bathroom lighting solution to create spa magic. Lucca 30, uplights can be used to illuminate a tiled or stone wall with a freestanding bathtub or on a windowill for shutter lighting. It is very similar to using nightlights throughout the house - this is your instant candle. These can be combined with the Sirolo and Cazalla floor wash to clean the floors.

You can add another layer to your bathroom's lighting to create drama and intrigue. You might consider adding lit niches above or below the bathtub. You can light these with an Etta Eyelid or Contour HD27 LED strip, as seen in the display unit. It adds depth and dimension to the bathroom.

Low level lighting that automatically turns on as soon as you enter the bathroom is a great option for lighting at night. Low level floor washers can be added with an Infrared (Presence Intelligence) sensor. Sirolo and Cazalla floorwashers are great for night lighting. You can also place Contour LED strips under floating basins. The light is reflected across the flooring, highlighting your floor choice.

Bathroom Wall lights

It is crucial to have adequate lighting in your bathroom. The type of wall light you select will also impact the overall look of the room.

This room can be transformed into a tranquil oasis where you can unwind, take a bath and relax. In areas that require more light, brighter fixtures may be used. You could place a brighter fixture near a mirror, which is often used to apply makeup or for shaving.

Bathroom wall lights are very versatile and can be installed exactly where they need to. You can use them to create a decorative effect or frame an image.

Wall lights should be aimed downwards, not upward, if you need to lighten a surface for aesthetic or practical reasons. You can buy wall-mounted shaver lamps for your bathroom. They are perfect for using over or near a mirror.

Bathroom lighting can be a great way to complete your bathroom or shower area. There are many options for lighting, no matter the style of your bathroom. The fixtures can be used to enhance a bathroom's appearance or make it more comfortable.

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