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Bathroom Tiling Cambridge

Our bathroom tile selection is perfect for any bathroom remodel or simply to make your bathroom look better. Bathroom wall tiles as well as bathroom flooring tiles come in a variety of styles, colors, and finishes. You can search by style to locate Victorian tiles that are either minimalistic or elaborate. You can also explore striking designs using high-gloss metro bricks and split-face tiles.

High-quality tiles are available in the colour you prefer. Find timeless grey, white and blue bathroom tiles here. For a cohesive space, why not choose matching floor and wall tiles? You can choose from ceramic, porcelain and natural granite as well as marble, slate and other materials. Get creative with bathroom tile designs!

You can create mosaic tile features around your basin splashback, shower or bath. You can also add decorative touches to your space with border tiles. Our electric underfloor heating is the ideal finishing touch to your bathroom.

You can create a relaxing and tranquil bathroom by using stylish, new tiles. You can choose from stunning marble effect tiles to cover the floors or bevelled Metro Tiles to decorate the walls.

Our stunning marble effect tile range is a great way to create a serene space with natural charm. These tiles are made of porcelain and ceramic, with authentic veins. They have a sturdy construction that will last for years. These tiles are perfect for anyone looking to bring a bit more luxury into their home without spending a fortune.

Bathroom Tiling Ideas

Designing a bathroom can be exciting. You have to choose the right materials and colors. Tiles are the perfect solution. You may feel that all-white marble is the best option for your bathroom renovation. But, we urge you to think twice before you make a commitment. We believe there is a place in your home for bold and patterned tiles.

You can even put it on the bathroom wall. Maybe even on your bathtub. The possibilities are endless. You can choose to keep it simple with something light and white or go for something more modern and moody. We have plenty of design inspiration in this collection of bathroom tile designs.

Neutral tones are the best choice for modern and minimalist bathrooms. You can add variety to the bathroom by using tiles made of various materials.

Your bathroom tiles can be used as splashbacks for your sinks, just like you do in the kitchen. To enhance the bathroom's design, you can add some decorative elements by placing a small piece of tile behind it. You can make the look as simple or bold as you like. The tiles are not only beautiful, but also protect walls from splashes and water damage caused by everyday sink usage.

It's not a good idea to create a perfect bathroom design only to find that there are ugly pipes visible. To hide pipework, box it in wherever possible. However, make sure you have access to the pipework for maintenance. This cleverly concealed concealment can be disguised even more by using the same tiles in the bathroom as the other areas. It makes the bathroom feel just like any other wall.

Small bathroom tiling ideas

What tiles are best for small bathrooms? We have some tips and tricks for small bathrooms as part of The Great British Bathroom celebration.

This is one of the most important things to think about when designing a small bathroom. Your choice of tile can have a major impact on the overall look of your space.

Although it may sound obvious, many homeowners could increase the size and brightness of their bathroom by choosing a lighter tile. Your bathroom will feel smaller, more dimmed and oppressive if you use darker tiles.

It is up for discussion. The reflective properties of gloss tiles make them work better in smaller spaces. They can also add depth and dimension to your bathroom. Matt tiles, which provide depth and definition, are perfectly suited for smaller bathrooms. This is a personal choice.

Mirrors can be used to give the illusion of space. This trick has been passed down from generation to generation. This trick can be applied to any tile you choose. Although mirror tiles can reflect light well, it is best to avoid using them too often.

The fourth tip I have for small bathroom tiles is to use small-format tiles. The Metro tiles, which are a popular design for small bathrooms, measure approximately 100mm by 200mm. They should only be used in key places, such as behind the basin or inside your shower enclosure. They shouldn't be used in a small area.

Bathroom Floor Tiles

The timeless beauty of floor tiles can be incorporated into any room, connecting it to the ground you use every day. It is essential to choose a floor tile that complements your interior and space. By choosing the appropriate colours and textures, a flooring tile will create warmth beneath your feet. It can also be used as an entrance floor or feature floor to add excitement to smaller areas. You don't have to worry about the durability of our floor tiles. They are stain-resistant and easy to clean.

Bathroom tiles in large format are ideal for modern wet rooms. They make small rooms appear larger and seem more spacious. Because they mold to walls and floors, mosaic bathroom tiles make it easy for you to create the illusion of more space. You can choose from a variety of bathroom tiles, including those with a minimalistic look or ones that are richer in subtle colors and textures. This will allow you to design calming spa getaways.

It is a common room in your home that is visited by guests and yourself. Therefore, it is crucial to make sure the bathroom looks great. One of the most sought-after ranges of tiles is slateface tiles. It will make your floors look stylish and rich with character. The tiles look like a high-end, elegant slate floor without having to spend a lot. You can mix and match the tiles. Kuala tiles are a great choice for a bathroom floor that is durable and elegant. You can choose from a variety of colours to give your bathroom a minimalistic look or more inviting feel.

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