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Dual Fuel Towel Rails

At Bathroom Fitters Cambridge we love warm and dry towels all year round. Dual fuel towel rails are a combination of central heating and electric. These can also be connected to the electric socket or to the central heating system. It is up to the user which energy source they choose. Dual fuel heated towel bars are usually connected to central heating when the heating system is not in use. 

They can also be connected to electric to run the towel rail during summer. Dual fuel bathroom radiators have been gaining popularity due to their versatility and economic advantages.

Radiators and dual fuel towel rails can be a great way to heat your towels and home all year. This article will cover everything you need about dual fuel towelrails.

Dual fuel towel rails are able to generate heat by using central heating or electric power. You can heat your radiator with your central heating system in winter, and your electric heater in summer.

You can have more control over the way your towel rail is used with dual fuel elements. No matter whether you have central heating on, your towel rail can still be turned on for hot towels. Your radiator will heat using mains electricity by incorporating dual fuel elements. If you wish your radiator to burn dual fuel, this is necessary.

These optional extras will complete the appearance of your dual-fuel radiator. Aesthetics remain an integral part of the home.

Towel Radiator

Towel rails heated, which were once exclusive items, are commonplace in bathrooms. They elevate your bathroom and create a creative focal point. Bathroom radiators are a wonderful way to enhance the appearance of any bathroom and also serve the purpose of heating your towels. You can easily install a heated towel rail and they come in many sizes and styles that will suit your requirements.

Wrapping yourself in warm and dry towels after a shower or bath is a wonderful feeling. We've compiled a list of top towel radiators and rails that will enhance your bathroom experience.

Our heated towel rails or towel radiators will provide you the best in luxury, warmth and design. They are available in many styles to fit any bathroom, cloakroom, or en suite.

The heated towel radiator can be a cost-effective and simple way to add a spa-like touch to your bathroom or cloakroom.

Heated towel rails are great for busy family bathrooms. They provide great heat output and ample towel storage.

We have many compact heaters for bathrooms that are small or lack wall space.

Heated Towel Rail

Towel rails are not only heat-efficient, but they also have to look good. We offer a wide range of designs and finishes. We have something for everyone, so whether you prefer traditional designs or modern chrome, there is something that will suit your needs.

Towel radiators are available in many sizes and styles to fit most bathrooms. The heated towel rails have enough heat to dry towels and warm the bathroom during central heating. A great feature of heated towel rails is their ability to connect to mains electricity. You can turn the bathroom heater on and off at will. There are many options for towel warmers, both traditional and contemporary.

This bathroom towel radiator will keep your towels warm and fluffy. There's a towel radiator for every taste, whether you want a traditional or slimline model to complement your bathroom. The heated towel rails are a great way to save space and hang your towels.

You can control heat with an electric towel radiator. They are independent, meaning you don't have to connect pipes. With ladder bars and plenty of storage, vertical towel radiators make a great heating option for large families.

Bathroom Radiators

The bathroom is one of the most difficult rooms to heat in a home. The bathroom tends to be smaller than other rooms in your home. It is also difficult to install bathroom radiators or towel radiators due to the many appliances required. The bathroom appliances produce heat, so the temperature of this room can fluctuate dramatically compared with other rooms that are more steady and frequently used. These factors combine to make the environment difficult for bathroom radiators.

Designer Radiators Direct offers a wide range of bathroom radiators. We offer a variety of finishes, materials and power inputs so you can find the perfect designer bathroom radiators for your home. Our range includes everything you need, from the modern and innovative to the traditional column design with towel radiators. Our bathroom radiators are made with high-quality brands and offer high BTU outputs.

The towel radiators collection offers a variety of fuel options. The central heating towel rail can be used with the existing radiators throughout your house. An electric towel rail is a good option if you do not have a radiator in your bathroom, or if you aren't sure he can be connected to your rest of the system. The best of both the worlds, dual fuel towel radiators are available. The radiators run on central heating, but have an extra electrical element that you can turn on when it is not in use.

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